Learn Him | Know Him | Be Transformed by Him
April 29-May 1, 2022, Inspiration Hills Camp & Retreat Center,
1242 280th St. Inwood, IA 51240

The 3-day W.O.W. Retreat


These powerful retreats began in 2019 with eight girlfriends, mostly empty nesters feeling like… “What’s next?” Like Niccie they decided to turn to God. Niccie began studying the bible late in life, learning of it’s transforming power. 

📖 It opens our eyes to truth and light, in a dark world.

📖 It brings peace and joy when overwhelm and choas are at a high.   

The retreats have now advanced to settings of all shapes and sizes. Women across the nation are looking for peace, health, and joy that simply cannot be found in the world alone…

I am passionate about helping women get God-partnered, to hear the call He has on their lives, and to learn how to Tap Into the Trinity© for supernatural power (something we all need in today’s crazy world). The sooner we learn to HEAR Him, to KNOW Him, and to STEP into Him… the quicker we can step into the fullness of life. (John 10:10)

  • Is something nudging you to go deeper in your faith but you’re just not sure where to begin?
  • Maybe you need some soul sisters who are also ready to encourage and support you in a wise way?

What We Will Learn



  • Learn to cut out the distractions of this busy world so you can zone in what’s important.
  • BONUS leave with 12 scripture meditations that will  help you focus on His truth and come to come into His presence through the written Word.​​


  • Learn to speak to God throughout your day in prayer and as the Word instructs.
  • Leave overwhelm behind using my Fortify Your Prayer Life  BONUS where you will learn 9 postures of prayer and 8 ways to get connected to Him.


Stepping in is where I had and so many fail to do. It’s like once we know we are saved we forget about all the power their for us in the here and now…BONUS!

1) New Self Coaching Tool  2) Tapping into the Trinity Coaching Tool

The ReAwaken 3-Day Retreat


   Inspiration Hills Camp and Retreat Center,
1242 280th St. Inwood, IA 51240


You will all be gifted a free month into the Legacy Leader community BONUS

After spending this weekend together, I consider you my inner circle and I know it will keep us all motivated, continuously growing, ready to take on this crazy world – being in this community will help.


It’s not all learning and growing. We have some down to earth fun, friendship building activities for all to enjoy. Regardless of your comfort level in groups. This small group of like minded women will be amazing.


  • Learn the whole Bible in this weekend. We will go deep on several key components and you WILL LEAVE understanding the Bible once and for all.
  • I’ll be teaching you how to Bible Journal and Hear God journal.
  • Through animated video training and discussion you’ll finally understand – Ready to apply and see the fruit!


Training, event and daytime activities at Inspiration Hills. 1242 280th St. Inwood, IA 51240


This even is getting big and we need more space, bring your bedding for a sisterhood lock in!​

Who Are Your Hosts?


Niccie Kliegl


Niccie Kliegl is an author, life & business coach, and speaker who elevates others to get more out of life and work because they partner with God, know their divine purpose, and how to fulfill their legacy!


“I created the W.O.W. Retreat so women of all ages can get to know God and to get more out of life because they no longer try to do it alone. And rather, learn to Tap Into the Trinity for Supernatural power.”

– Niccie

What Else Do You Need to Know?​



Friday: Check-in begins at 4pm Friday and goes through the weekend to Sunday right after lunch 1’ish pm.



How exactly do we learn the whole Bible in one weekend?

We have interactive videos, tools and cheats to help you and you will also learn to pray and hear the voice of God.


Transform our lives: mind, body, and spirit. To no longer settle for what ‘has been’ or the status quo and to do things God’s way where abundance and joy live.



This was the best thing I have done for myself. I enjoyed every minute of it. First, I never imagined I would actually ‘understand’ the Bible in by this weekend, just hoped to get more comfortable. I wanted to feel comfortable in Bible studies and to one day learn to read it on my own. Within the first two hours I was so excited. I was learning fast and it wasn’t just that. All the activities and new network. Prices.

Caprice Buccholtz

I love doing retreats and workshops, but I have never enjoyed one this much. We built relationships that we will grow in our faith with, Niccie was so kind teaching and learning right along with us. None of us really thought we would learn too much – BUT WE DID! Right away I knew this weekend was going to change my life and it has. I suggest the WOW Retreat for anyone wanting to deepen their faith and lean the word.

Teresa Brunsting

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