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2018 Goals

Last year my posts and passion were around building a relationship with God… Calling on God, using God, and living out a life partnered with God. (Faith Infused Living…Reaching Goals Higher). It has been such a joy watching people step into a closer relationship with God and to see how it has affected their lives.

In 2018 I’m feeling called to take us a bit deeper into the written Word. This year’s posts and my passion will focus on the Triune, and helping others tap into all that comes with the three in one. Getting into the written Word is a great way to embrace all three.

So come along friends, Words of Encouragement followers, as we dive deeper into the Word and as we look to, listen for, and learn what God is willing us to do in 2018.





Oh, Dear God, we see the things we’ve done to you,

The pain that we have put you through.

We sinned then and we sin now,

But you forgive and I wonder how.


He was your child…Your perfect son.

And you sacrificed Him for the other one.

For the sad, the confused, the broken and weak,

Who hurt you, and each other, as we selfishly seek.


I sit here now torn in truth and light,

That you love us beyond the dark of night.

This unconditional love we do not deserve,

We live not, the life, Jesus gave us to go, love, and serve.


And that is the biggest gift of all,

No sin too big, no act too small.

You love us and push us, to do more each day,

You accept us and teach us, and show us the way.


Reach my heart Lord, go down deep.

Teach me to love, serve, and live complete.

Show me compassion that sees beyond our sins,

and give me a mind, heart, and soul that grows and deepens.


We need to stop the hurt and sin no more,

By entering in… and welcoming all that is in store.

Your challenges, your commands, and your call to us.

To serve and live, …prosperous.


What does that mean, it holds me back.

Aren’t we to serve and not consider gain or lack.

Ah, it’s the blessings that must feed our soul,

the blessings of the Spirit- That must be our goal.


As the new year starts I commit to you,

A passion to read, study and apply your Word all year through.

I will decipher, and challenge, and call on the Spirit,

For wisdom and nudges… I will not fear it!


This will be the year we apply your words… Like never before.

This will be the year we hear your call, and go through each open door.

This year we will touch lives that we once blew by.

We will bring you your people, and you will lift them high!

—Niccie Kliegl


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Faith Infused Living…Reaches Goals Higher!


Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN


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