Where does my energy come from?

How often do we consider the nature of our light, our energy?

Have you ever wondered why some people see things one way and another see the very same thing but their interpretation is so different? I find this so interesting and so insightful as it pertains to my coaching clients, and me wanting to really make a difference in their outlook on life.

The nature of our light?

When I’m coaching a new client we spend the first few sessions clearing the mind of falsehoods and rebuilding what we know is true. We do what we need to do to get back to, or to deepen, our faith so that IT is our foundation, our guiding force, our light that feeds our soul and reveals our path.

This world is too busy. It muddies our mind and hardens our heart. When we start looking for God’s light, all else fades away and we are left with clarity and insight that will offer growth, peace, joy and all the abundance Christ has to offer.

Today look to the light of the Almighty and walk on this well-lit path to greatness.

Faith Infused Living… Reaching Goals Higher!

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