We Will Sustain

fuszal-1719963_960_720I will be like the dew to Israel; He will blossom like the lily, And he will take root like the cedars of Lebanon. Hosea 14:5

Have you ever looked back and marveled at how amazing God is and how he seems to provide just when you need it? He promises to provide and it reinforces our trust in this promise to reflect on the past- recognizing God’s hand in providing just what we need it.

This provision may come as strength to hang on with minimal sleep when you needed a pillow so badly, an extra financial gain just when the pocket had nothing left to offer, or maybe an ounce of tolerance you didn’t know you had- offering grace to another when you were on your last nerve.

We will have our day with no more hunger, and no pain…but for today we need to hang on. When I see drops of dew, this is what I think of….God’s amazing works set in place, far beyond anything I am are aware of.

This post is about trusting in the little provisions. God will ensure we always have just what we need- when we need it, to continue on our path to God’s glory.

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