I found this street art on Pinterest over two years ago, by Jennifer Yoswa. She really did a great job visually helping us stop and “see”. Two things stand out to me, “God Bless” squeezed in at the bottom, and the plea of those two toxic words, ‘WANT MORE’.

I want more? You want more? Want more material possessions? Want more fulfillment?

Do you think she simply wants more things or that she finally understands that she is caught in the worldly trap of trying to fill up on items that will never fill, leaving her always in want, regardless of all she possesses? Handbags, jewelry, glasses, alcohol, none of it fills.

Is she pleading with us for handouts to feed her desires of the flesh and using God Bless to tug at our heart? Or, has she finally gained knowledge of this self-seeking dependence. Does she recognized the trap but not how to crawl out? Does she put on a good face but still recognize that she needs something more than things?

See how she squeezed in God at the bottom- like there is a small level of understanding inside her? Either that God will spur us to temporarily feed her (soul or stomach) or he will somehow help her. Why is it that so often signs like these carry a ‘God help me’ request?

Whether it is to get us to respond or to get God to respond…The mention of God at all still gives power to our God. Strange isn’t it? Even when we don’t know God, run from God, need Him desperately….the masses still get there is—- something to God.

God is the one who does the impossible and somehow down deep -we all know it.
Somehow we all know that God has something over dependence, need, lack, and footholds.

Today let’s make an effort to shed the foothold that dependence has on our lives. Things are incapable of providing love and fulfillment. God is love…get God and you will be filled.

Let’s put our passion in finding, knowing and serving God!
Wise men store up knowledge. Proverbs 10:14

Faith Infused Living….Reaching Goals Higher!

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN

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