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Today’s Vlogging Thought was given to me quite some time ago, but this morning I woke up with such joy over the hard work of many others… causing me to share it now. Our topic this month in the Legacy Leader Forum is on delegating and dreaming big! Here are 5 tips on Delegating and a few highlights from our Legacy Leader training this month.

5 Steps to consider when dreaming big and needing help:

  1. Decide upon a goal: this is a God partnered goal- one you know is equally yoked with what God teaches. And, do your best to be affirmed this is something God wants of you.
  2. Then write down all the items you will need to do to accomplish this goal. Which of all these items are you gifted and talented for? These you will go at with gusto. The others you will need to get help with or delegate.
  3. Of the items that you will need to delegate, make a job description of sorts for each item.
  4. Assign these jobs out to the right people (So, in their gifts and talents.) AND EQUIP THEM. I like how in 2 Timothy 2:2 Paul is talking to Timothy…’to announce your assignments and then proclaim trust.’  So announce ALL that needs shared, taught, and is expected – give those you entrust what they need to actually complete your task. By doing this you will begin to feel the trust needed. We often slip up here when we do not give them the tools they need to succeed or we take them back… both of these show lack of trust and set us up for failure 🙁 I’ve learned the hard way so take it from me!… EQUIP AND TRUST!
  5. Then, as you see these folks succeed right before your eyes…Embrace the product/result and give proper glory to God and those you entrusted! (Thank you Ragbrai Committees!)

FYI this month’s Legacy Leader Forum on ‘Delegation and Balancing Your Commitments’ is moved up a week to the 19th of July!

Faith Infused Living… Reaching Goals Higher!

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN, Author of Awaking the Living Legacy  


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