Blue Fulfill Your Legacy

I love this picture for Christmas. Yes, Christmas. Let me tell you why.

First, there are some clearly unusual things about it, yet it all seems ‘Okay’.  Second, it is beautiful, different, but beautiful indeed. And third, the way she is hiding behind her glasses with that quiet little smile…She finds a tender spot in my heart.

I came across this picture last year, well after Christmas. And I saved it this whole time. It made me think about those of you who would experience a different kind of Christmas this year. It might be blue, having experienced big lose and change. It might just be an unusual holiday, from circumstances out of your control. Some of you may even want to throw on some shades and hide out a bit, feeling unable to face the bright lights and bustle of the season. And I get this.

But know this, friends…It can still be a beautiful Christmas.

Because there are no right words for a broken heart or dealing with unexpected change we will have to resort to WHAT IS right, and sure.

This year some of us may need to look past the predictable images we’ve come to rely on as a true Christmas holiday. This might only be possible by focusing on the sure gift of love and grace we all have and can always count on, regardless of our circumstances.

God is the love that remains in us always. Grace is the gift that supersedes all else.

This blog goes out to our dear friends in difficult times this holiday season. A prayer for focus on what is sure and right… Allowing them grace, to hide out a bit. And a nudge to surrender into God’s restoring love. So a sweet, and quiet smile can still set in on this year’s unusual Christmas.

Love and Blessings, Friends.

Niccie Kliegl RN, CLC




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