Turn yourself into a FAT-BURNING machine

Since today is Wellness Wednesday…..I wanted to get you a quick tip for health and wellness like last week with the water A-N-D I want it to apply to our section of the book…. Part 3 “WISE CHOICES WORK”. So my today’s suggestion is short but highly beneficial for boosting your metabolism.

Do not eat before 3 hours of you last food intake—–AND—–do not eat after 5 hours.
If you eat even a tiny snack before three hours of your last meal you will teach your body to never tap into the extra weight and energy you carry on your body. You want your body to learn to use your fat for fuel. So WAIT. 🙂
If you wait too long (after 5 hours) you starve your body and teach it to YEP store up fat, for the next time you will starve it. So those of us who think we are doing good by not eating breakfast- I know your stomachs are ready to eat :-)…. you have turned your body into a fat storing machine. WHAT? YIKES! But it’s true. My tip…
  1. Eat a lean breakfast with NO simple sugars that means an egg and a VEGI V8, or a 1 slice of WHOLE GRAIN bread with peanut butter. (no fruit juice or white bread)
  2. And then keep the HEALTHY meals spread out by 3-5 hours and NOTHING after 8p.
This will boost your metabolism and make a huge difference on your body. With, time-discipline-and loads of MAKING WISE CHOICES!!!!! It will help turn your body into the size and shape it is intended to be. 🙂

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