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Welcome, friend! I’m so excited for you to begin your journey to transformation and deeper growth! Make sure you CLICK HERE to like and follow my Facebook page that will offer you daily encouragement, support, and love. By participating in my online course, you are now a part of my private “Soaring Sisters Community” on Facebook. CLICK HERE to request to join, if you haven’t already. →  In here you will find daily coaching, training, accountability, collaboration, encouragement, support, love, etc. →  If you are working through this course on your own, you receive ONE MONTH FREE access to the private “Soaring Sisters Community” on Facebook →  If you have joined a MASTERMIND group or opted for PRIVATE COACHING, then you receive THREE MONTHS FREE access to the private “Soaring Sisters Community” on Facebook. In addition, for the MASTERMIND participants, I post our LIVE coaching session announcements and reminders as well as the ZOOM link for the video coaching calls each week on this private FB page. → Lastly, for MASTERMIND participants, get in the habit of posting homework or questions for any given week in the comments of that week’s coaching call announcement post. Watch the WELCOME and INTRODUCTION video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel once it opens so you don’t miss out on any new training, coaching, or encouragement videos. Or, you can CLICK HERE to subscribe now.  PRINT and read through the Introduction: The Flight of the Butterfly. You’ll want the introduction/study guide with you as you watch the video. You may want a journal to coincide with the study guide. If you don’t have my book, Made to Soar: Christ-Centered Truths to Encourage, Equip, and Empower Moms, be sure to get a copy. CLICK HERE to buy now.

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