The Power of Emotion


But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you. John 14:26

In an interview earlier this week, discussing Fulfill Your Legacy, I was asked a light-hearted question, “What is your earliest memory?” I quickly shot off my first memory. I am sure I had many great memories. Why this one?

I am walking up a twig and dirt lined path through a wooded area. I can smell the wet earth and I am holding my grandmother’s hand.  I see how long and uphill this path is but I feel peace, comfort, and contentment with my grandmother beside me. Her hand is warm and soft, and I feel safe. I recognize how small my feet are and she comments on how good I am doing at climbing such a big trail. I can see light up ahead as we climb the trail and where the trees break way to daylight.

When God speaks we will remember. God-Jesus-The Holy Spirit, three in one – they have such power. We are so blessed to have received the Holy Spirit after Jesus left us. At the age of four, about when this memory took place, our family had not yet attended church much. I did not know the difference or understand anything of the Triune. Our family was going through a hard time about then. To my knowledge, I didn’t understand it much at all. What I did understand was peace, love, comfort, and joy. This warm, loving hand, during a time that was difficult, I know reach down deeply into my soul. This is and was the Holy Spirit working through my Grandmother protecting, guiding, watching over me, and reassuring me even at a young age of around 4 that it will all be okay. There is light ahead, and love will guide me there.

What is your earliest memory?

Faith Infused Living… Reaching Goals Higher,

Niccie Kliegl, CLC


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