“Take One Step & He Will Take Two.”

Come near to God and he will come near to you. James 4:8

How do we get back on track with God after getting off? After a big setback, or simply after letting our busyness crowd out our connection with God. I am coaching two new clients who both found themselves pondering this question…neither realizing they’d even stepped away in the first place. We are just so busy at times- one of the biggest swords between us and our glory is busyness.

This sneaks up on us. The enemy loves nothing more than to distract us with demands we have for others, and with distractions from this world. We so often give, give, give-which sounds noble and right- but NOT at the coast of our heart, mind, and soul. (we need to protect our time and put restrictions on where and how we give so when we do give, it is with a joyful heart and have the energy to do it well) So many of us get distracted by our schedules, and to escape we often only have a few minutes, trying to fill up with what is close and easy. This means the radio on our drive to and from kids activities and work, or possibly a short television program while we cook or do something else. But don’t be fooled. These few precious moments can affect you greatly…for the good and the bad.

These few idle minutes are golden, let’s use them to refill and draw near. We need God close for His energy, insight, and comfort. Giving thought to this is so crucial because in these few minutes we need to do something that fills and draws us near….rather than depletes us more. Here is where we can make all the difference. Try some of these steps I find most popular with my coaching clients…..

  1. In the car between car pools…..turn off ‘hits radio’ and turn on Christian music or a preacher. You will not believe the difference this can make in a your day! And what about your child’s day? Believe me, they may grumble until they get used to it but after a day of being mad fun of, or feeling like they failed an exam, or even feeling like they are not standing out as they should….This is what they need to hear, truth and light. (And what we know is good for them is also good for us)
  2. Podcasts as you cook. There are a ton. I am starting to grow mine. By then end of November, I should have 4 and they will grow each month. Just google Christian podcasts and find a preacher you like. They are often categorize their topics so if you need your mood boosted there’s one for that. If you want tips on a wise budget you choose that.
  3. Exercise. Make a play-list with some great Christian music and contact me if you are new to these artists. I can help you with a few songs that are just your style.
  4. Print off or hand write a Bible verse or two. Put them around the house…bathroom mirror, drivers side dash. Again, do a search on the web for an area of testing. simply type in ‘Bible verses on patience” and up will pop a bunch. Pick your favorite!

Have a heart to draw near….Just on step closer and he will come two steps closer to you!

Faith Infused Living… Reaching Goals Higher

Blessings, Niccie Kliegl

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