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Work on it Wednesday and what better thing is there to work on than going deeper into our relationship with God. I love how this post applies to us all. No matter where we are in our faith journey- we can always go deeper. God is love and we can always give and receive more love.

Here are 3 powerful actions to take us into a deeper relationship with God…

  1. Learn Him; because we need to know who He is and who we are in Him to have a relationship. Just like with anyone. If you never spend time with them, you will never really get to know them. Spend time with God. Talk (pray) to Him as you drive, before you close your eyes at night, as you open them in the morning, before meals, and throughout the day as you feel His presence (The Holy Spirit).
  2. Understand His power and strength; because you will call on Him more when you feel confident about the work He does. Do some reflecting on how He has ‘pulled’ through for you in the past. Name those times and thank Him. Think about how He has moved in other peoples lives and name it. Do this regularly, look for His strength and activity in this world…and give Him the glory. This will increase your faith, and cause you to instinctively call on Him more in times of need.
  3. Remind yourself of how much He loves you and give it back to Him because it is obedient and shows respect. Do you ever say ‘I love you to God.’? Try it if you haven’t, even if you know he knows it. Think about how nice it is to hear your grown children speak these powerful words to you. These two things, to give love to God and others, got etched in stone before the Bible came to be. Commands etched in stone need to be part of our faiths foundation.

Today let’s focus on these 3 powerful actions we can take to go deeper into our faith journey…

Learn HIM ~ Understand HIM ~ Love HIM

Faith Infused Living… Reaching Goals Higher!

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN, Author of Awaking the Living Legacy  


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