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I finally got my latest book published and launched (YAHOO) and now I’m feeling nudged to get back to the periodic inspiration I love sending your way.

TODAY’S INSPIRATION… Is to tap into ALL GOD IS, and how to actually do that.

Not too many years ago I was going through life just fine, living like I felt most folks did. And, quite happy in fact. But, I had no idea of the purpose, peace, joy, and love that I was missing out on. It’s easy to lose sight of God’s great power and the power of ‘The Trinity’ if we aren’t careful. And, for some of us, we may have been overlooking it altogether, simply resting in the commitment of being a believer.

When we truly understand the power of all three; in embracing God’s love, accepting Jesus and his life-giving gift, and walking in the Spirit…we change the whole trajectory of our life.

See, when we live within the power of the Trinity we no longer think in terms of ‘saved’ or ‘Christian’ we move past the decision of ‘in or out’, ‘with or against’. When we truly begin to live in the Spirit there is a knowing and nudging that pulls us closer and deeper all the time. We don’t say things like… “I believe.” and then leave it at that. We feel compelled to keep advancing.

I love to hear a believer profess their faith with assurance.

But, that is only the beginning and I want so much more for us…for myself. I want us to speak our ‘I believe.’ and then step into it. To actually tune into Him, to hear His voice, and to respond without hesitation.

What if we said, “I do.” to our spouse and then never left the altar?

An unlived marriage…committed to, sure. But, not lived out. We would not know the children already destined for our future, we would not feel the effects of tested, and withstood love. The relationship would be held back from growing and becoming all it is designed to be, although still a true and right covenant.

So although it is awesome to profess our faith, the fruit is found as we live into it.

Do we wonder why our patience is thin? Why we look for love and comfort in all the wrong places. Why we want to give, but cling to what we have instead. Why we lose our temper on people we love and crack under the chaos and pressure around us.

Living within the Spirit is ‘our miracle’ cure to everything I listed above. Its power defies the laws of this land.

Galatians 5:22-23  But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

So maybe tonight as we lay down our heads we can say a prayer to God. A prayer that goes past the commitment of accepting Christ and then resting at the altar. A prayer that invites in the Holy Spirit like never before. A prayer that surrenders the world to itself and steps in line with the Spirit and the power of the Trinity.

Dear Heavenly Father, I love you. You and I go way back but I’m not sure that I have dared to live into you. Can you show me what that means?

I have spent so much of my life figuring out how to live in the world. Looking back… I wish I could say the same of how much time and energy I’ve spent trying to live within you.

You (Jesus) gave your life for me… and I’ve spent more time trying to please others while you have loved me fully from the beginning (flaws and all). I want to live into that, Jesus. Help me to surrender all my inequities. To leave them at the cross and to live freely in the name of you Jesus. Help me to shed the footholds of this world by living into the healing power of you, my Savior.

And God. I do know of your power and maybe I was or am afraid of it.  I’ve gotten confused or maybe I never allowed myself to gain clarity on how you plan to use me. I want to use the tools you have given me to learn of your ways (The Bible, wise counsel) Give me the heart to long for your Word and the ability to understand it. Maybe I unknowingly keep you at bay. But my eyes are opening Lord. I KNOW of your power and that I have not tapped into it fully. I KNOW of your knowledge and have wondered why you kept it to yourself when the truth is I haven’t asked for it and or listened. I KNOW of your presence but have spent time feeling pleasures of the world over your fullness. No more worldly fear holding me back from your awe and glory, God. Instead, I will boldly call your name. I will ask, seek, and knock like never before. I will not remain at the altar. I will take our covenant into the world. To my friends and family, to your children, my sisters and brothers. I will do the work you called me to do… us to do. To go make believers of men.

And Holy Spirit, it feels a bit weird to call you by name because you are more than a friend… You are Him and yet in me. You are here beside me now and all around us everywhere. You are and have been overlooked time and time again. Ignored and not listened to. I am so sorry for missing you. For acting on my own desires and reaping those painful and confusing pleasures. I see and hear you more and more each day, Holy Spirit, and I want to live in and with you and to the glory of God. When I feel myself pull away or cling to the world I beg of you to go find me… to bring me back to you. To put me on your shoulders and carry me home. 

God the Father I love you, Jesus my Savior I cherish you, and Holy Spirit… I will do all I can to walk with you.

I abide in you. Amen


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