We Shall Not Fall

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors, there is safety. Proverbs 11:14

The learning curve I have been on since starting this business has truly been never ending. I keep wondering when I will be done. I guess- when I am done wanting to improve….and that is definitely no time soon.

Stephen is my very talented computer science intern who has taken on the task of improving my website. If you haven’t been on lately (stay off, it’s under construction and will be shut down in a few days)….by Sunday you will see the start of a new, clean, easy to use and view site…regardless of being on your cell, I-pad or computer.

I cannot escape WordPress any longer!

The picture above is me plugging away, into the night, at uploading several of my latest blog posting into the new site.


Stephen, you were so right! It isn’t nearly as hard as I had perceived. I cannot wait to see the new site! Thanks for pushing me with such persistent respect 🙂

Tonight I write my blog for all of us who are not done growing yet. Let’s listen to guidance, it is how we will stay standing while others fall. We have all sorts of counselors that come in and out of our lives. They are young and old, they may be at our church or simply someone we bump into, they may give us gracious correction or forceful pushes….but remember as children of the most high…we are under His counsel and He is directing our paths, He is placing the right people around us at just the right time.

Let’s accept guidance humbly and give it to other graciously.

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