Seeing Souls

I have times when I slip… when I let this hierarchy of a world get the best of me. Using a worldly scale to determine the worth of a God-given soul simply isn’t right. This brings tears to my eyes even typing it and I hate it. The truth is I love people. I love the hearts and souls of my friends, family, and neighbors. It is in our nature to love others, and with awareness of this truth it becomes easier to drown out the world’s pull to associate value with the body, money, or status.

Today I want to inspire us to have a clear sense of value, one based on love and Godliness. One that sees the heart over status, the soul over power, and wisdom over cleverness.

Today use every morsel of love you contain to love purely and to see with gracious wisdom the amazing individuals all around you.

Blessings, from your friend-Niccie
Faith Infused Living ~ Reaching Goals Higher
Niccie Kliegl, CLC Fulfill Your Legacy ©

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