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Don’t you just love Saturdays? Jeff and I woke up at 4:45 this morning on our own. All I can say about that is we had an awesome date night last night at Sfumato, a fabulous little wood-fired pizza restaurant . We talked for a few hours over a glass of wine in the restaurant’s hand built addition- to their already unique, authentic, and cozy environment. We were home by eight and in bed around ten. How’s that for a Friday night 🙂 boy times have changed.

But it’s Saturday mornings that really feed my soul. I love my first cup of coffee and devotional time. The house is quiet. I light my candles, turn on the lamps, and put pandora on low. Jeff enjoys his coffee while listening to the news before heading to work and I tuck myself into my office connecting to the Word and our Father.

It’s funny how things that cost nothing more than a few cents and time can bring so much pleasure.

Because we woke so early I will need to refrain from lingering here too long. I plan to save one of my morning cups of coffee for my mom later this morning. (She doesn’t know this yet :-)… )

Have a great day today. Get centered, find a little time for the ‘Word’… by podcast, devotional, radio, or Bible reading- and then go find some family or friends to share the day with….

Have a great Saturday! Blessing to you all.

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