Religion or No Religion, Good or Bad

Today’s Living Within the Sweet Spot is tackling a hot topic… Is religion really bad? And, do we really know what religion means? In today’s show, we dissect the reasons why folks are doing away with their religion. We look at the importance of religion and what the word REALLY means. We make points of compassion and understanding as to why the world is in this place right now…and we express with Biblical truth why we should love our religion. Today, Niccie brings in Pastor Tim Breen for this breakdown of the written word…and to get to the truth. Niccie and Tim use a widely viewed video to touch on some of the hot topics around Religion and they use to bring truth and light as well. You are not going to want to miss this show. Be sure to tune in for live streaming of this episode too at Niccie Kliegl, Fulfill Your Legacy Facebook page.

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