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Oh, I know. This sounds rather accusing to ask another… “Do you really want God’s” And, of course, our answer is, “Yes!” So why am I compelled to do this blog?

The thing is I am so busy these days that I hardly have time to put my thoughts to paper anymore. Because of the talk show and entrepreneur world being so web-based… most of my thoughts go to audio and video now. I love that God has opened this door to me as many of you my thoughts and content come easily. The act of writing does not.


This is what I woke to… How deep am I in my relationship with God? And how does that directly affect His awesome power, love, and direction in my life? Same with you.

Today, what I write is directed toward me, but I felt nudged to share my thoughts and let you lament over these same thoughts on relationships. Think about the people you know. Let’s face it those you REALLY know, are those whom you are more invested in. And by the way, how did you come to know them more? Was it one-sided or was there a place of reciprocated giving, sharing, seeking, vulnerability and so on? It isn’t bad to not go deep with everyone but honestly, as you share more, invest more time, sacrifice for them and so on the trust in that relationship grows and so the relationship deepens. That person’s commitment to you often follows suit, and thus follows a freedom or peace to that relationship. Freedom to share and know of who they are and their truth. It then advances to giving freely and asking for their assistance or support both ways.

This is the real question, ‘How deep do we go with God?’
Do we want to AND try to get to know ALL of Him?
Do we want to AND try to share ALL of us with Him?

So this morning, after these questions whispered and moved around in my heart, mind, and soul- God kept reminding me of the Trinity. So let’s consider how we can go deep on all three aspects of our great and mighty Abba.

  1. God. God is love and God put His teachings into the Bible. I think we do pretty good with love. Many of us do, as well as many religions, and even ‘good individuals who do not have faith’ do quite well at love. But, let’s look a bit deeper.
    • LOVE: feel it…surrender to it… share it, and appreciate it. Something to be careful of, and I will only touch on this a bit, is the dangerous place of not understanding that God is love and love is God. As we begin to recognize love as a gift from God we let it work in us more. We treat love with more respect, we value it more, we give it more purely, and so on. So although I think we do quite well at loving… If you felt nudged or unsettled about some aspect of surrendering, sharing, or appreciating ‘a God sort of love’ … don’t worry, and don’t judge yourself.That nudge is the Holy Spirit giving you insight. Go with it. Step into it. Ask God to reveal more to you and ask for help in that area. 🙂
    • THE BIBLE: Do we use it? This is how God teaches us. Do we seek His insight and knowledge? It is here for us for a reason. He wants us to know Him and His teaching is part of knowing Him. How invested are we in WANTING to know God more and His teaching? Again, these thoughts didn’t come over me to become pain points. They were insight for us to think on. So if you feel a twinge of guilt or shame…do not. That is Satan, he is the god of guilt and shame. OUR God is the God of insight and discernment. As you feel nudged or compelled on the topic of Bible reading or seeking God first… Go with it. Step into it. Ask God to reveal more to you and ask for help in that area. (God’s Word comes to us easier now than ever before. Audio, visual, in groups, individually and in so many wonderful ways. Reach out if you desire more and are not sure where to start) 🙂
  2. Holy Spirit. I like to think of a parent-child relationship here, particularly a teen or older child. See, you have raised that child. They know all the things you have taught them. They watched you act on these same rules and direction. Yet, they do not listen. For a season they may even rebel. They are only trying to gain some clarity and insight of their own. But, it hurts sometimes to see them tune out what you know is tucked in them…what surely remains in their heart, mind, and soul. We can be like these growing and yes sometimes rebellious teens and young adults. Awe, heck. Who am I kidding we ARE these children? BUT, just as a child who one day wakes up and starts to acknowledge you as their teacher and even wise… We too can and do WAKE UP TO THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, OUR WISE TEACHER. To do so…
    • SURRENDER: We need to allow ourselves… put ourselves… surrender ourselves… to the truth and wisdom that IS tucked in us. That is all around us, waiting to be acted on. We have to give up the idea that WE have all the answers. We have to dare to ask our parent (God-the Holy Spirit) for wisdom.
    • REBEL: Do you rebel to this wisdom? Do you hold on to your independence and YOUR understanding or FIGHT for truth?
    • NUDGE: If you right now feel nudged about some aspect of surrendering your control and your ‘smarts’ OVER the desire to let the Holy Spirit guide you and whisper truth to you…don’t judge self. That is the Holy Spirit giving you insight. Go with it. Step into it. Ask God to reveal more to you and ask for help in that area. 🙂
  3. Jesus Christ. Oh, the healer, the freedom giver, the sacrificer. It breaks my heart to think of how some faiths, and many individuals, do not know the healing power of Jesus, our savior. Now, I am going to throw off some people here. And, I am okay with that. But, what I want people to know here is… Do I, we… you really step into the healing power of Jesus enough? We buy into him enough to say and know we are forgiven, we are accepted into eternity and we are even grateful… But, do we open up this gift and use it? Do we simply take the gift, listen to what God says he gave, believe it and then never use it? Never unwrap it and never enjoy the gift? So what does that mean? How can that be? Can we accept Jesus partly? Maybe the better thought is, how can we accept Jesus fully?
    • SAVED: First, John 3:16. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. So that who shall ever believeth in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. We want this to be written in every heart, mind, and soul and for us all to be ‘saved’.  This has happened to so many of us…
                           But, I want Jesus’ healing power to be activated in all of our lives as well. 
    • HEALING POWER: 1 Peter 3:18 For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit. LOOK AT THAT… ‘To bring you to God…’ When we hang onto guilt and shame (which again is NOT from God)…when we think on and lament over our past sins… We remain in those places. Our brain is a lot simpler than we give it credit. What do you allow your brain to think about, where do you keep your mind? What do you allow to be your truth? Do you believe that you are your sin? (a liar, thief, adulterer, weak, selfish, dumb, and the list goes on.) If so, this is what I mean. WE HAVE FREE WILL. CHRIST DIED ONCE AND FOR ALL SO WE COULD BE WITH GOD. When we remain in the places of our sin, and shortcomings we are away from God because he is not our sin or our shortcomings… HE IS LOVE. AS we surrender and give up our past mishaps, lusts, greed, and so much more— our heart, mind, and soul are free to live in, and think on all the glory God has for us. Let go of the pain, hurt, embarrassment, insecurities and so much more for the work Jesus did in order for the healing power to take root on all those dark places.
      Let the healing power of Jesus work… and surrender the lies and pain of your past sins.

I pray these thoughts compelled you as they did me, to step into my relationship with God more deeply.

Ask God to reveal more to you and ask for HIS help, love, and power to be activated in your life.

Faith Infused Living…Reaches Goals Higher,

Niccie Kliegl



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