Does President-Elect Need to be Perfect?


He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding; Daniel 2:21

Must our President be perfect? We will likely never find an even nearly perfect president.
What I am feeling so strongly today is that we need a leader who understands. Does our new president-elect understand our people are hurting? I do think so. Does he understand that our nation is going down a slippery slope and we need to do something? I think so. Do we need him to be perfect today or can God refine him tomorrow? Think of all the greatness Paul did once God put understanding into his mind, heart, and soul.
From the study of the Apostle Paul (once very sinful Saul) I am reminded of 3 basic things…
1. We must follow where we are led. (Campaigning Trump admitted from the beginning that he took this on because he felt led to. PRAY for our President-Elect’s heart to listen to this call to help the people… and to grow this call to wisely reach ALL people.)
2. God can not only change a life – He can lead the way and keep us safe. ( Pray that President-Elect continues to follow his call and listens to the leading of God, and the opportunity for safety that is there for us all.)
3. We need to trust for no other reason than He cares for us. (I am sure in the beginning as the Apostle Paul began his work- those that knew his former character were left perplexed and disbelieving) However, if we read his story it is so clear to see God’s work in Paul.
Saul was not a lovely man by any means- but God saw something in him- and God was right. Paul gives us the hope of this very verse in real form. God can work through imperfect men.
I write this post out of inspiration to ignite peace and trust. Rather than the growing anger, fighting, and fear acting out as we are seeing from those who are stuck in footholds of sin. God can do great things in men. Especially men who give up their very comfortable life to serve God’s people.
I hope this helps a little. Blessings, my friends Niccie

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