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The power of a godly man…

A few weeks ago I did a video on Facebook about being a wise woman. About the nation and its push for women to rise up. I love so much of this and it needs to happen…It will happen… But it is written so deeply into my heart that we do not do this at the cost of our men.

Strong godly men are the very souls that help raise women up. They see the beauty of a woman and all she is. They know it is distinct and divine. They seek God first and know how to love, respect, and elevate women as Christ himself did. The gift of a godly husband is known by the woman who has one… and she cherishes him.

It doesn’t stop there. We need to remember the important role we have as a godly woman. We shall not demand attention like a child fighting and tantruming to be heard. We shall walk in grace and beauty as we speak truth… God’s truth. We are ALL His children, ALL called, and we need to trust that God is with us, helping us, leading us, and equipping ALL of us.

So what about those who are not around godly men. Who maybe do not yet have a spouse or maybe they have one who does not know God or desire to live out his ways? Do they then have less an advantage of growth? I do not know the answer to this. We see women and men of all circumstancing rising up in great ways. It is written though that we treat each other this way; loving, supportive, and encouraging. The way unconditional Jesus taught us. To me, weather man or woman, surrounding yourself with individuals like this will surely help elevate anyone.

What can we do then, as women looking at our current place in life? I say we cannot forget to also build up our men. This will have an amazing effect on EVERYONE’S life. Part of my role as a beautiful, strong, and loving women is to not tear down my men, in an attempt to prove my own strength. I have a heart and desire to tell others of the great gift of a godly man and to raise him up, as he does me.

At every turn praise the men in your life… as they show character, grace, compassion, leadership, service, love, and self-control. Offer them all this in return, and speak often, the ways of the Word with them. Remind them of how they have helped you and ask what you can do for them. Love them and yes serve them. Pray and trust God and the work HE is doing in them.

One last heartfelt message. Choose your men carefully (equally yoked). We pay for all of our decisions (free will) good and bad alike. Choosing godly men is part of our freedom. Do what you can to surround yourself with godly men. Marry a man already committed to God, our father. Work with men who you truly feel have one master, the same as yours, the Almighty! And seek to learn with men and women of faith.

Praises today for those who have hearts after God!

Faith Infused Living…Reaches Goals Higher!
—Niccie Klieg

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