Peace in the Right Time

There are so many things against us, in a given day. I don’t say this to dishearten- but rather to inspire quiet confidence as you go about your day.

Jeff and I traveled 12 hours over the last day or two, we skirted a couple near misses on the freeway, halfway through the trip Jeff stopped at a station to check on a low tire- only to learn our tire rim was cracked. We found ourselves housing on night one in the presence of the stomach flu. Praises above- we arrived healthy and safely. But, I think of all the things that could have really set us back, even been life threatening. It brings right glory to God to do this reflecting…how often do I stop to give God credit for the protection and support I get, so often without even realize it?

This verse brings such comfort if we truly let it sit into our soul. Let’s go about our days giving due credit to our Father. It is written that God is everywhere, all-powerful, and all-knowing. We know this to be true. He has plans for us, plans to prosper us. It’s a good reminder to think on all the little things he is working out in our favor as we go about doing His work.

Real anxiety sinks in we I fail to hang on to the truth of this verse. I will not rest in the hands of this world-the enemies! Let’s not live in the world’s pressure and stress. We have been rescued from this and need to let the truth of our protection and power from the Almighty sink into our souls!

Today, live boldly with grace and ease. Lift up your Father as the one who runs all the clocks, balances every in and out, perfectly times your days, watching over you, and giving you peace.

Faith Infused Living – Reaching Goals Higher

Niccie Kliegl, Fulfill Your Legacy

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