Of These the Most Important Is Love


Keep yourselves in the love of God. Jude 1:21

Found in the book of Jude, a one-pager at the back of our Bibles and packed with truth, these are the words of instruction. Keep yourselves in the love of God. These words are so powerful and our instructions for waiting out the coming of Christ. These words seem so simple, but we know how hard they truly can be sometimes.

What I find so interesting about this verse is that it says, “the love of God.” So, then, is love and love of God somehow different? No, because God is love, but I dare say that to me, love of God is something more. We are only capable of loving as perfectly as our human bodies can provide. And that is so good. But to have God’s love in us and given out … that is the deep-down love that touches souls.

It takes practice to be this vulnerable, this trusting, this giving. This is the love I will pray all of us have this Valentine’s Day. It’s a good reminder of how precious our marriages are. We need down-deep love. Strive for love that is greater than our imperfections and more than our most tender moments.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s invite — or re-invite — the love of God into our marriages!

Faith Infused Living … Reaches Goals Higher!

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN

Author of Awaking the Living Legacy

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