What is best… to speak loudly or to be seen?

Lighthouses blow no horns; they only shine! Dwight L. Moody

The power of goodness and light is so amazing. When I saw this picture I thought it would make a perfect point. When we go around complaining or verbally lashing out, even carrying on in worry or fear- we simply reach those that will listen, those in ear-shot. Now, let’s think about the power of light.

In the morning, while heading to work, we often have the sun beaming directly into our eyes, it can be so bright that it makes seeing the road, the signs, actually, ‘the world’ difficult. You can try putting down your visor, squinting, or even throwing on a pair of shades but nothing can seem to blot out the power of that light!

Something else about the light is, that the light always wins. Think on this. If you have a completely dark room and bring a light in, what happens? The once dark room lights up. What if you have a well-lit lamp in a room that is otherwise dark, can you bring in more darkness to make the light disappear? Nope, the light is unchanging to darkness. The well light lamp doesn’t care how dark the room is- it still breaks through and the darkness will never overpower it light.

Here is Dwight’s whole quote… “A holy life will produce the deepest impression. Lighthouses blow no horns; they only shine.”

Dwight is so kindly pointing out to us the symbolism of light being all we need. We do not need to blow our horns to make deep impressions on this world. Let’s be ‘the light’ and leave imprints of goodness that will light up darkness around us!

Faith Infused Living… Reaching Goals Higher

Niccie Kliegl, CLC, RN

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