Mothers and Daughters

When a woman is in labor she has pain, because her time has come. Yet when she has given birth to her child, she doesn’t remember the agony anymore because of the joy of having brought a human being into the world. Now you are having pain. But I’ll see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy away from you. John 16:21-22

Isn’t this so great! If we can all just remember that we too will be free of our pains here in our due time- returning to our great Father. Until then, I hope we use our remaining days here to bring about as much goodness as we can…trusting and knowing that one day we will be united with rejoicing in no more sorrow and no more pain.

This reminds me of my role as mother 🙂

I love my daughters so much. We have fun together. We have more slumber party’s now than we ever did before. We do lunch, shop, and we talk on the phone for no other reason than a few minutes alone stuck in traffic. We tell each other our concerns asking for prayers, we laugh with each other until our stomachs hurt, and we know that we each would do anything to help the other.

Oh, but young moms- there were days. Days between hair bows and Christmas break freshman year at college that we all felt the pain of our growing relationship. Tonight I am sentimental about my daughters, my friends, my sisters in Christ. Tonight I send this message for those few difficult days that seem so far from anything you’d hoped for.

Do what you can to make as many fun days as possible, pray through the tough ones, cling to the loving ones, and wait patiently knowing that joy and gratefulness awaits mothers and daughters!

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