What does it mean to test? And specifically, how does God play into this?

So no, I am not talking about testing God’s love, support, or commitment to us. But, I am talking about testing God’s will for us. It’s a test of our understanding of ‘His call’…of what He is telling us in ‘the Word’, or in spirit. I am talking about the testing that is mentioned in Romans 12:2. (One of my favorite verses.)

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2I

I actually love this concept of testing and I do it all the time. Sometimes, I think people believe me to be way more affirmed in my thoughts than I really am. The truth is, I simply waste little time laboring over things. Pretty much, when I am faced with a dilemma, big or small, I catch myself hearing an old familar hymn …”Trust and Obey…”

So that all sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?…But, sometimes the question isn’t about “TRUSTING” as much as it is about  “trusting WHAT?” I think we all sometimes feel like we have no idea what God wants us to do- in order to trust….or to obey for that matter!

Well, this is when I encourage you to labor no more.

When we are faced with big decisions it is much harder to test things. So start small, and your confidence in the process will grow. The next time you are in need of ‘acting’ or ‘holding back’ on something (could be within a relationship, or at work, etc.)….go ahead and ACT. But, record in your mind, heart, and soul what went good, bad, or indifferent. This is ‘testing’ 🙂

First of all, don’t even think of trying something that is not inline with God’s laws or opposes your faith. But, once you have determined that your actions can be partnered with God. This…. is when you trust and obey. God will be opening doors, closing others, redirecting your steps, and lighting the way. The point is, you want to learn from this process.

When you know you were partnered with God the whole time, you either learn to trust by appreciating how God had your back even when you messed up. Or, when you make a wise choice, you learn by seeing His great hands at work within you. Once again, your faith grows, in the realization that He lead you the whole time- and you listened. 🙂 And it was GOOD!

I believe folks do this testing all the time. However, our response can be a bit more worldly or self-seeking than we realize. We maybe think, “Shwoo, that worked!”, “I sure did rock it!”, or “Man, I got lucky there.”, in response to a positive outcome…rather than recognizing and giving God the glory.

Today, let’s make sure our mind knows that as we go out on a limb, it is with God bracing us. Then, as He protects and leads us, let’s give God ‘due’ credit. Believe me, you will reap heavenly rewards for this ACT of faith. With time, your faith will increase, and so will your favor. I am not talking about money or riches alone, I mean all fruits of good work (of God-work).

For a life partnered with God,

Faith Infused Living…Reaching Goals Higher,

Niccie Kliegl, CLC, RN

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