This is a pretty cool concept and just right in line with my thinking! For the most part, folks aren’t walking around trying to be intolerant, rude, insensitive, insecure, and all those other things that make us come to a quick and negative decisions or thought, of self and others. People behave how they know to behave. WE see things as we are able to see things. Many times this is loving, kind and all things good. But how do we fix it when we are stuck in a bad place, of either negative self-thought or negative judgement of others?

The thing is… Because of our circumstances, upbringing, life experiences, and so one- we do see things in a unique, to our self, manner. If we want to make this life change on our own it is going to be difficult! But, when partnered with God, who is above it all, we learn to tap into more of Him. With Him in us, we become more and more like Him…loving, compassionate, and gracious… we begin to see situations and people as our natural self would— but combined with His super (Isn’t that something we could all use, a bit of His supernatural). I like to think of God providing us with His LOVING LAZOR vision 🙂

This is what we need to focus on. We need to keep God and our faith close to us and living in us. As we let Him in more- we become more.

If you have ever wished you saw things more positively or with more grace, simply pull in a little closer, gain a little more of God’s super on your natural…. and adopt a little more of His LOVING LAZOR VISION!

Have an excellent day,

Blessings, Niccie

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