I think I will love TODAY!

Today…thy will be done.

I really love my Bible studies, with many wonderful friends and beautiful faith-infused women. It is so good to get yourself around some folks and environments that spur you. This is exactly what happened in my Bible study last Thursday. We were asked to share our ‘go-to’ Bible verse. The one that really speaks to us. Isn’t it funny how your mind, heart, and soul know which verses you need? If you don’t think you have a personal verse, I know you do 🙂 and I want you to find it.  Start by paying attention as you hear a verse that makes you think. There’s a wonderful reason why it penetrates. Don’t get caught up on how fast of a Bible reader you are, or even how you get ‘the Word’ in (by song or podcast or written word), just let the words that sing to your soul do it! And be aware enough to recognize the spurring because that is where your verse lies.

Many of you are getting to know me now, and you probably have guessed which verse is mine, Romans 12:2. It wraps me up in understanding. Go look it up 🙂 Etched into my heart and much of where my work’s passion comes from is in this verse. I want God’s word to transform us, and to renew our minds with all things good, loving, and right. I want us to leave the world behind and focus on the truth and light. So this is why I do what I do.

But… simply listening to my friends all share their verses, with their passion, it inspired me! A few of their verses set deep into my soul with new power and I am so grateful for that. One of these verses…


Let’s think about these four powerful words for a minute. Jesus used this phrase when he was literally teaching the disciples how to pray.

I used to wonder why this was such an important part of the instructions, thinking our lives are all mapped out. So why would I need to be asking God to do what He is going to do or has done already? Don’t you just love it when I admit how confused I get? It is- what it is. But really, isn’t ‘God’s will’ so complicated? As I have grown and studied the Bible I am grasping the understanding of God’s will and my free will better….But, after my friend elaborated with her passion, I know see these words in a new light. What if by simply thinking something lovely, pure, praiseworthy and all that ‘will be in heaven’ is every bit of the message behind this command? The power behind hope and a DESIRE for all things of God’s Kingdom- to be HERE with us -in us? When we pray such a prayer we show our trust in Him, and it shows evidence of where our heart is as we pray for Him and His work to be here and in us!

What if yesterday we did not do this…. truly wish for God’s goodness in our lives… and HERE- and we received less because of it? 🙁

Oh, it’s okay, we still lived well and we’re still loved….But really?  What if today’s plan has still been ALL PLANNED OUT… but today it included ‘thy will be done’ to be truly grasped in our hearts?

I have a new passion for starting my days with hope – with a true desire and trust in our God, and all He is, to be HERE- with us on earth, regardless of our circumstances- as we live out our days- with our free will!

Thank you, Theresa… for sharing your life verse with me, with our Bible study, with all who read this.

Desire to love today…. and then pray.    “Thy will be done.”

Faith Infused Living… Reaching Goals Higher!

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN


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