Words alone don’t always do the trick. It’s funny, though, because actions can. Anyone who has been treated poorly but told they were loved, knows just how confusing this mixed message can be. Yet, at the same time, many who rarely heard the words ‘I love you’, but had loving kindness poured about them, rarely question their adoration.

So this is a great way for us to share God’s love all around the world. Acting in loving kindness is something no one can take from us. We may have prayer removed from our schools, and work. We may have laws infringing on our faith. But, remember, God is Love. We ARE doing our part, we ARE sharing our faith, and we ARE showing others the love of Jesus simply by acting in loving kindness.

Do whatever ever you can today to share God’s love, and spread loving kindness all about!

Blessings and Joy Friends,

Faith Infused Living…Reaches Goals Higher!

Niccie Kliegl CLC





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