Peaceful Sleep

Fulfill Your Legacy, Niccie Kliegl CLC

8 In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

‘Work On It Wednesday,’ and this concern comes up in coaching a lot. It doesn’t seem to matter the age, sex, or faith journey, we all at times struggle to rest well. How do we keep from being restless at night? If we are not careful, we can get caught in a trap of replaying negative, embarrassing, or fearful thoughts over in our mind at night.  This can be so exhausting.

This rarely happens to me anymore and I know it is the Lord who allows peace to reside over these agitating nights. What I like to do when this pattern of thought tries to rob me of sleep, is to think about the nature of the setback, but only for a brief time, enough for self-awareness. Distinguish what it is that is truly bothering you, then give it up to the Lord. If it is something bad you have done, then fess up and call on God to work in you. Ask for insight to learn, ask for the grace to forgive, ask for strength to persevere.

Let’s try falling asleep with a dream and waking with a purpose!

By doing this, I shift the worry and negative thoughts into dreams of how God can make it all right. I close my eyes and envision Him helping me go and apologize with a true heart, and I dream it worked with great success. I pray for wisdom as I dream up plans for the next time this same situation occurs. As I dream of God helping me, ideas begin to develop in my mind that are far better than anything I could have ever come up with alone. Because I am no longer weighed down by the darkness of stress, anxiety, embarrassment, failure…He can work in me and wipe it all way.

Then a peaceful and safe slumber falls upon me… and I awake with a God-given purpose.

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Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN

Author of Awaking the Living Legacy  

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