We KNOW Our Strong Tower

 The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10

Scripture Sunday brought me to this simple verse with a deep and never ending message… Where will we run?

For as long as we live in this world we will forever be tempted by its short-term satisfactions. Take a look at the image I found. It seems perfectly fitting for the breakdown of the verse. I read several studies on this one verse to prepare and each one confirmed our need for faith, our need to decide to live by and to run to God, or to live by and run into the world. Let’s look closer at this verse by breaking into 4 parts.

-Strong TOWER: God is our strength, power, protection. He is unpenetrable, and a constant. He is all-knowing (omniscient), all-powerful (omnipotent), and always present (omnipresent). He offers himself to us daily, every second, minute, and hour. He fulfills.  The world and all of its glory is so wonderful,  but it runs out. The beauty of the world fills our soul for a season but we need to remember it lasts but a season. It depends on our works to produce and to hopefully replenish in time, only to fill again. It is a dependent and needed cycle. To me, this is the difference of being fulfilled and protected by the Omni-everything father or being dependent to the world, its glories and limits, the permeable protection it offers, and the short-term fills that sustain but a season.

“I choose the strong TOWER.”

FORTIFIED or used? : How true this is. Once we start to see this, feel it, believe it… our FAITH grows and we are then aware of even more and there goes our growing FAITH, insight, and understanding of God and all of His power. Power, unconditional love, and so much more waiting for us to use for no other reason than believing and being loved. We just need to trust it. Start with a sermon, a blog, a song. Something as small as a mustard seed grows to one of the largest herbs and into a tree. God wants us to use this fortifying knowledge, support, unconditional love, unpenetrable security, and peace.

“I chose the FORTIFYING tower that is available to all by faith.”

-RIGHTEOUS: This one can stump me a bit…like I will never be righteous enough. Oh, Niccie. It isn’t my job to be perfect. It is my job to have a heart that wants to be like the perfect one. 

“I want and choose…HIM… I RUN INTO IT.” (that is my RIGHTEOUSNESS)

-SAFE: There is so much wonder in the world but it all depends on its use. Food and drink that can fill or be overconsumed causing harm and destruction. Fathers or husbands with loving arms that use them for bad. A wife with beauty and creativity that results in sin. Water or land that can fill but can no longer produce or is safe because of our waste. I don’t even know how we would try to help the world other than to love and be responsible. This, of course, is the goal of many Christians, non-Christians, and atheists alike. This worldly beauty is to be used, cared for, and worked. It will provide for a season. So too will it protect, for a season.

“I chose the LORD… with him I am SAFE from the calamity the world faces daily.”

FAITH Infused Living… Reaching Goals Higher,

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN

Author of Awaking the Living Legacy


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