Kissed With A Lie

It’s better to be slapped with the truth than to be kissed with a lie.

Now, this common quote might be a little extreme but I totally agree with the idea that it is better to just get, and take, the salty truth over having someone speak sweet and false words to your mind and heart. It’s funny, in my work life I almost beg for input and take constructive criticism with passion. Now I am contemplating why and if I am as accepting of the same in my personal life.

I have been in a special group with Chrisitan leaders called the Leadership Collaborative. It has been so insightful and most every assignment stretches me to look more deeply at myself, others, and how we affect or respond to each other. So in this week’s assignment on personal growth, I found myself wondering why I handle work input from others with such conviction. And how could this understanding be shared and used in my personal life and with others?

For starters, I’d like to look at the ‘why’ behind, “Why do I welcome input at all?” It can hurt, and it isn’t always accurate. Only GOD can give you the real truth about yourself, but for the most part, when considering words from someone you trust and who cares for you, there is most often a hint of truth to what they are saying.

For me, all the difference is the GOAL…

The salty truth is often doled out with little understanding of where it might sit with the other person. However, if our focus is on ‘us alone’….the effect of this salty truth will then land and remain on ‘us alone’. If in my work God is my goal and focus, and his work is my assignment, then my actions are equal to the amount of ‘Him’ I have within me. So as I hear some salty truth my focus immediately goes to “Hey God, what are ‘WE’ going to do about this?” And, together we begin to refine.

As I grow in my faith and my personal journey with God deepens, this too carries over to my God-partnered living. Our self-esteem will not be based on us alone if we are calling on God to do His great work in us. We will have a focus that is above us. With God as our focus, we gain a position of acceptance for today, growth from our past, and improvement for the future.

I was telling a friend from this group how I find the Chrisitan faith so fascinating. It isn’t that being a Christian makes you wonderful, perfect, and surely not better than the next. The day you go all-in as a Christian, you are compelled then to do better and this better has NOTHING to do with you and past imperfections… it has everything to do with Christ and his perfect love.

I believe this is what helps me to take the salty truth with passion. If something hurts me personally, I only allow it in for a weak and worldly second- as to never allow it TO STOP AT ME. These salty words I give to God who is part of me, allow Him to do the transformation I need.

We have one purpose, to be more like Christ; to love and serve.

Faith Infused Living… Reaching Goals Higher!

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN, Author of Awaking the Living Legacy  

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