Yesterday my thoughts were on those of us who feel like their life just isn’t where it ought to be. Maybe they’ve made some poor (worldly) choices and are now paying the effects of it. Maybe they have stepped into worldly gain and self-satisfaction which is now turning them up empty and more desperate than ever. Or maybe they have been doing their best to cope from some difficult life circumstances and it is wearing on them. Maybe it just feels like everyone is passing them by and they are just simply exhausted…looking back, and wondering…

Isn’t it time for some ‘wins’ here, God?

Well, two words finally fell upon my heart around 2am last night. Praise Jesus. My heart cares so deeply for the individuals who were etched into my thoughts and I knew I was supposed to be hearing and giving a message to them. My mind toiled over their life, their circumstances, their decisions, the results of their living by the world and/or the Spirit. They are wonderful people, not coaching clients per se, but these days people just tell me things. It isn’t uncommon that I can lift up a quick comment that seems heartfelt and helpful…But sometimes I am just stumped and I believe I am then supposed to be. If I feel God doesn’t have the perfect words for me at any given time, then I need to get to HIM. His wisdom and His Word for answers. 

Yesterday was one of those days. Maybe it was because this message needed to be shared with more of us and into a blog. A quick word back to these folks might have missed an opportunity to reach some of us others. Either way, I spent hours doing what I hate to do. NOT resting in peace. 

Nobody tries to do this. Worry and bad thoughts can plague any of us. This sort of sin, and yes it is a sin (not vengeful but destructive non-the-less) keeps our mind away from God and the work He wants to do in our life. So I fervently spent hours meditating in my bed with my eyes closed pushing away the fearful/anxious thoughts and inviting in Gods great wisdom and peace…but the darkness kept up strong and I finally got frustrated.

(Key point, my frustration took my heart to a deeper, more desperate place where I began to then truly lean on and call on God with all my heart. To surrender. It can be hard to surrender but it so often is the key to getting the help God has there for us. Surrendering allows you to step into the fullness of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit. Here we finally let go of the world- the control we so desperately try to hold onto and we surrender to HIM…AND ALL HIS GLORY.)


These two sweet words softly landed on my thoughts so I entertained them. And as I stepped into them, they became like a warm blanket packed in healing and restoration. I even paid attention to the recently bothersome thoughts of fear, or anxiety for these individuals and the thoughts held no weight. GONE. Don’t get me wrong. These sweet individuals were still etched into my heart, mind, and soul. But now there was hope and peace in KNOWING that God, the Almighty, reigns. Through love and mercy, these people are set free and I knew/know He has them under his power and they will be fine. Through God’s love and mercy, I am set free. You are set free!

Today’s blog is for all of us to rest in the knowledge that God will set us free from our toil. From the effects of our worldly choices, from the aftermath of circumstances out of our control, and from the ways of this world. 

We do need to remember that God can do all this…and we also need to do our part. 

We can live by, in, and with the world alone, not tapping into God. And as we do so we will need to muster up the strength alone to handle the effect of this world as well. OR, we can live with Christ, with the Trinity. This fulfills and restores. Here we have God’s Love and grace and power. 

We need to look back at our life periodically and consider how much of each living we have done and are doing. In Ecclesiastes 2 and 3 we are taught a lot about living in the world and getting all we can out of it but not without quickly learning that all these worldly pleasures mean nothing without God. That all the hard work in this world can leave us empty and exhausted without God. That we can fill up on food, drink, drugs, sex, and so many other things that people turn to for pleasure…and yet only end up empty…without God.

So today I want to encourage us to allow ourself GRACE, MERCY, and LOVE that only God provides. No matter what is happening in your life, no matter how wonderful or challenging your life is today– 

Do all you can to NOT live in the world. The world’s pleasures and gifts last only for a season. 

Gods blessings, Gods mercy, Gods love fills, provides, and gives a peace that reaches OVER all hardships, mistakes, footholds. It fulfills, restores, and always ends in glory.

Much love friends, I got to thinking it might be nice to include an audio podcast I’d done on how to hear the voice of God…and how to STEP INTO GOD. If you want to learn to hear Him more and use Him more please click here to PLAY.

Faith Infused Living…Reaches Goals Higher!

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN

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