I Am The Engine

I leave for Ragbrai in just a few minutes and I was reflecting on just why I like to ride a bicycle on Ragbrai. I think it is because it just feels good to be in control. I determine my speed. I can slide to the right when I’m moving slowly so other bikers can fly by or I might feel the urge to press on and then I simply move back to the left and go for it.  The end is waiting there for all of us- so we simply give what we’ve got to give, on any particular day and meet at the end.

The thing is, on a bicycle, I am the engine. All my working parts are in good order so the road and I are friends. Something I especially like is that as long as I keep moving- I WILL get to my destination. There is always someone ahead of me and always someone behind me… and it seems it is more about enjoying the ride than simply trudging along.

So why does Ragbrai then seem any different than life itself?  I am still the engine when I am on two feet. Yet it seems the world has a much bigger pull on me when I am not on a bicycle. Why do you suppose that is? We can take life at any speed for the most part. My body is still in good working order, so what do you suppose the difference is?

I think it is the focus, and push to never stop. If you do… you fall.

On a bike, your only real commitment is that you keep your eyes focused on what’s ahead and you must keep pedaling in order to keep from falling!  What if we looked at life a little more like a bicycle ride?

What if we whole heartedly keep our focus on God….. and NEVER STOP pedaling…  ALWAYS getting closer, KNOWING that eventually, we WILL reach our destination, God’s house.


Faith Infused Living… Reaching Goals Higher!

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN, Author of Awaking the Living Legacy  


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