How Un-offendable Am I?

Many years ago one of my dear friends told me about a sermon that left a big impact on her. I am so glad she shared it with me because her impression quickly took root in my thoughts. Today I hope to inspire you with this same conviction. The topic, being un-offendable.

There are all kinds of wonderful Christian Bible Studies, books, and sermons on the matter. I will dive into some, as well as into the Word on this soon, as this post has reignited my conviction. But for today I simply want to speak from the heart and see where it leads.

This word, ‘un-offendable’, speaks to ME in relation to how one person’s actions can spark pain, hurt, or even anger in another. I feel a deep conviction about one simply knowing (discerning) biblically wrongful acts, versus one first recognizing the sin within an act but then allowing that sin to work and live in them.

Being un-offendable to me has to do with the amount of grace and love I can display when I see ‘wrongful acts’ or misdirection. When I am able, by the grace of God, to love, forgive, appreciate, learn from, and/or disregard an unwarranted, challenging, ignorant, or vengeful action of another I see this as ‘un-offendable’. It is not about how right or wrong the other person is or how right or wrong the act is. The offense is in relation to how I respond to the sin or act.

It is strange how even loving, encouraging, and heartfelt incidents or actions can also throw us off center or leave us offended. Goodness and pruning can still hurt sometimes, so how do we see beyond the hurt?

Don’t get me wrong, I struggle with this as much as the next person and still find myself offended in moments of weakness. I offend myself, by behaving poorly and I can be left offended, most often when witnessing a lack of respect. However, I am aware of this toxic response and own my place in this pain. I love being aware of my own weaknesses, knowing other people’s stories, and keeping my focus on my response versus on the offense. It can bring a lot of clarity and this is what I work toward.

This is my request for today…To think on, pray for, and work toward clarity and discernment. 

I have to give God all the glory for any of my growth here. As my heart gets closer to our Father, my ears more in tune with the Holy Spirit, and mind more earnestly seeks His Word, I become more clear on right and wrong actions of myself and others. This deeper relationship with the Triune DOES NOT accompany self-righteousness, rather the opposite. It accompanies a humble grace of understanding that I deeply desire. This understanding can see the offenses of self and others occurring for reasons much deeper than the sin itself.

So today I am convicted to do all I mentioned above…

To run closer to God, to cling deeper to the Holy Spirit, and to look earnestly to the Word for the truth, insight, compassion, grace, and love it takes to be un-offendable and clear headed.

Blessings friends,

Faith Infused Living… Reaches Goals Higher!

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN

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