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Today’s post is a special sneak peek at my next book. It is just about done and I feel really good about it. It’s funny, after writing Awaking theLiving Legacy I was a little afraid that the download I got from God for book one would not be there for book two. When will my faith sustain me more securely? Soon, child, I hear God saying… knowing that as I keep stepping out and moving forward, even when and where I can not see, my faith increases. (Same for you, my friends… it is so sweet.)

For those of you who do not know, my publisher approved my first book with the understanding that I would write four books. They were part of my publishing application and proposal. The idea of them came from God I know. Actually, they came to me on a drive home from Chicago, after my life coaching training.

I was so excited and assured that day on my drive home…assured that I was acting on what I felt God wanted me too. (It’s funny now to think how ‘off’ I was in my walk of blind faith). At that point, I truly thought I was simply going to do health and life coaching. Maybe work at the hospital to help patients gain holistic health.

That is what is so good about God. He just wants us moving toward Him and His call for our lives. We do not need to get it all right. He will redirect us if we get too far off. Anyway, as soon as I began thanking God, on this car drive home, for connecting me with the excellent training I’d just received and for nudging me to take this leap in the first place…like a download, he started sharing with me so much information. It was so wonderful and clear. As I drove I would pull over and write down these thoughts and ideas.

They were for my company as far as I knew, and for how I should run it. LIVE-LOVE-LEARN-LEAD. These were the first words I heard and they began to open up. He shared with me how I need to help others get WHOLE and that I would do it in the way He was sharing the concepts to me. That these people would become great leaders in their home, work, health, life, communities and so on, as they ‘got whole’. Now, at this point, I’d hardly understood God myself and had very little understanding of what exactly God meant about being whole. Little did I know, I wasn’t even whole yet myself (actually still working that a bit), God was like a great guest that I had invited into my life for a brief stay. Praise God that he never left  😉 Ahhhh.

God is like that. As we let him in…truly let Him in, he will take up residence. He will simply stay if we let him. No matter what we do, have done, or failed to do. If our house is messy, if we have no food, and if our light is burning low, his will still stay. As he and I have been living together I have been helping others do the same. To get God-partnered. It is what book one is all about. God partnered living…’Faith Infused Living’. How did he that?… Change my direction from health coaching into this wonderful place I am in now…and to bring you all along with me?

So now we are finally getting to book two. Embracing the Loving Legacy. What can that be- you might ask? Well, book one, Awaking the Living Legacy, was waking us to God-partnered living. (claiming the life we are intended for with the help of the Trinity). Book two is about what we’re going to do with that partnership. A lot of us know God and love God…but don’t necessary LIVE within Him. Book two, Embracing the Loving Legacy, is a book that teaches us how to LIVE WITH GOD, God is love. So I help people break that down… teaching how to ‘live in LOVE’. (I literally began singing and dancing when he helped me see how he wanted it laid out.)

As for me and my house, I will love and serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

The book is broken into parts where I have consulted with some of the wisest thought leaders on matters of living a life of love. Love within your house… love for your spouse, your health, parenting…finances. How do we bring LOVE (GOD) into all areas of our life? GOD IS LOVE. Can you imagine how awesome it is to have God over, truly OVER/IN/WITHIN your finances, your marriage, your HOME

Okay then, you have an understanding of what is to come. Book two is already going through edits and I hope we see it on shelves soon. Today I’d like to leave you with one consideration. What is your house like today? Have you taken a stand, have you invited God…truly invited God into your home, your bedroom, your pocketbook, your parenting and more? Like me on my journey to go get life coaching training, you do not need to have your plan…your home…be perfect. You simply need to invite him in, and serve and LOVE Him as best you can there. HE IS LOVE AND HE WILL HELP YOU 🙂 I cannot wait to share with you some ways that he showed me how.

Blessings friends, Faith Infused Living,

Love Niccie



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