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Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:2

I get a lot of folks whose life is off balance and sleep is one of the first places we consider. Oh sure, there may be a season where someone needs to cut back on a little sleep but in general, if you don’t average enough sleep it can be very costly to your health, mind, or body!

There are many ‘fixes’ to help someone get back to a healthy sleep regimen, but when lack of sleep comes from a racing or troubled mind, heart, or soul that can be tough.

This is one quick verse that many of my clients grab onto. I put the verse into a word bubble in this picture, so you could imagine God Himself whispering this verse to you if you ever have a restless sleepless night.

If you are going to be up from struggling with a racing mind, fix your thoughts on all things good. More importantly, if you are having troubled thoughts throughout the day as a pattern, do this throughout the whole day. Recognize and Replace. (as soon as you notice yourself doubt, feel anxious, get judgemental or harsh—-make yourself toss that thought right back to satan and fix your mind on truth—whatever is noble, right, praiseworthy, lovely, excellent and call on God for help)

Once it is bedtime-what kind of work are you really going to be able to do on any one concern anyhow? Tomorrow you can do your best at rectifying some things but for tonight you have a choice…. 1. Be up using the time for God (prayers said in a positive trusting tone and good thoughts)   or    2. Dwell, tossing and turning with things that bother your heart, mind, and soul.

By the glory of God, goodness moving throughout your heart, mind, and soul will eventually take root over anxiety- it will win!…bringing you the peace you need to sleep~

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