HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY… To one of the best writers of my story

Niccie Kliegl
Happy Mother’s Day
Author of my personality:
Pleased, I hope, with what you read in me;
Pleased, I hope, with episodes to come.
Yet now I, too, would get some pleasure from
Making you the book in which I see,
Of all the players in my family,
The central character, whom I would plumb.
How beautiful to move in that direction!
Each to each a separate source of pleasure,
Reading in the other’s happiness,
Mid much description, underlying love.
So would we deepen the connection,
Discovering new passages to treasure
As we follow time towards tenderness,
Yearning for what years unread will prove.

by Nicholas Gordon


I came across this poem a few days ago, ready to hit send and share it with my two wonderful moms… But then I thought of all of us.

I know my moms helped shape my life and I am so grateful. I see how they have changed my sisters and brothers as well. What a sweet blessing they are.

Yet, mothers often get a bad wrap when our lives are concerned. They get blamed by psychologists and (life coaches) for embedded thoughts that can effects on our lives for years. There is so much truth to this… but if this is something that holds any of my sisters in Christ back… I encourage us all to remove ourselves from the pain of yesterday…and to step into the greatness of our blessings. Even out of our trials we have been shaped, pruned and made wonderful.

I like to think on how God is and has been with our mothers all along too. He knows we can and will handle anything. God knows our difficulties, as well as our joys, are all part of our master plan…our story. And our beautiful mothers are a huge part of that.

Our mothers and fathers are perfect through Christ, and oh how fortunate we all are in that. I think of all the things I have done as a parent…often wanting to go back and do a better job. But the truth is I did… and am doing my best…


Today I just wanted us to embrace who are mothers are for who they are… The beautiful creators of much of our story.

They have given, loved, cried, labored, and prayed for us. They love us with all they have. They are beautiful, and a perfect part of our story.

Blessings and Joy Mother’s and Sister’s in Christ,

Trust and know you have done and are still doing amazing work,

We love you,


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