Happiness is an inside job

To feel happiness or joy is one thing, but for this joy to be pure or complete… this is the kind of joy that goes down deep and overcomes.

These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete John 15:11

I really love this verse for its reminder of how powerful it is to be a child of God. This verse comes from Jesus’s talk with the disciples. He had just been filled with ‘complete’ joy.

What does this mean, ‘complete’ joy?

I think of the joy written in this verse as filling and able to overcome. First of all, this joy came from the love of God, into Jesus and back again.  God is complete and His love is pure. When Jesus received joy straight from the Father it completely overpowered even the unimaginable (his upcoming crucifixion). We all have this same love of our Father and joy that awaits to fill us completely. Joy, that is so powerful that it can overcome any heartache or pain.

When we feel empty or sad, we need to remember that yes, love from our family or dear friends is so amazing. And yes, it can heal places in our heart. But, the love and joy that we are given directly from our father….this is an overcoming kind of joy. A fill you up kind of joy!

It’s a serious matter, what we let into us. Do we seek to fill up on the powerful and great love from our father? Or do we look to our loving friends and family to fill our voids? Sometimes we even look to those who sadly don’t know how to love or we look to things that can never love.

Today, let’s be grateful for those in our life who love us and offer us their joy and happiness. (keeping in mind that the love they offer is what they have to give). Let’s always remember that for pure, complete fulfillment, and joy that overcomes we must look to…

THE ONE WHO IS LOVE… in completion, and the only one able to offer us this absolute joy and fulfillment.

Faith Infused Living… Reaching Goals Higher,

Niccie Kliegl



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