March 15, 2022 Testimony Tuesday (Believe)

  • March 15, 2022 Testimony Tuesday (Believe)

    Posted by Niccie on March 14, 2022 at 7:45 pm

    “Total chaos on the ground” in Ukraine | Franklin Graham

    “Samaritan’s Purse sets up a field hospital in Ukraine, delivering supplies to those in need including medicine and food – via Spicer & Co. on Newsmax.”

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  • Gina

    March 15, 2022 at 5:52 am

    This is awesome! It is God in action with His people reaching out to help those in need. God, please place your holy angels as a hedge of protection around the people of Ukraine and on all others fighting with them, those helping to bring supplies to them and those helping to heal them and bring them to safety. We know that no matter how bad the evil that comes against us looks that, You, Lord, can bring goodness and love and light out of all things the devil meant for harm. We love you and lift up the believers and nonbelievers to you so everyone can see that You are the One and Only True God. Many nonbelievers will see the love and light shining out of Ukraine, even in the midst of the awful things that Russia is doing. Many people will begin to believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Even the Russian soldiers will see and feel this love and turn against Russia. We know that with You on our side, who can be against us. God Bless Ukraine and all the people around the world praying and helping them. We know that Your Plan no matter how it may look to us is always going to bring good out of it and will be better than we can imagine. We love you, God, and thank you for all that you’re doing. In Jesus Name. Amen.❤😘

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“Total chaos on the ground” in Ukrain…
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