12-23-21 BIY CORE40: I Corinthians 11:17-24; Isaiah 6; Luke 14:1-24

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    What Saved People Do: I Corinthians 11:17-24

    All Christians celebrate sacraments as symbols of God’s grace and reminders of Jesus Christ’s experience on earth; the sacrament of Communion, in particular, must be shared in ways that reflect the greater Christian ethics of equality, inclusion, and love.

    The Mission of the Church:
    Isaiah 6

    God’s incredible majesty, astonishing power, and life-transforming holiness mark his claim to lordship over the whole earth. Believers who understand and are impacted by these realities go forward to testify in his name and on his behalf.

    The Mission of the Church: Luke 14:1-24

    The Church is relentlessly invitational. As a consequence, followers of Jesus break social boundaries and taboos, gathering otherwise excluded men and women into a loving community. This act of inclusion points to God’s desire to unite all persons in his Kingdom.

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