03-06-22 Prayer Request Sunday

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    Let’s hear your prayer request and support your sister and brother leaders!

  • 03-06-22 Prayer Request Sunday

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  • Gina

    March 10, 2022 at 7:11 am

    Please pray for my husband Cliff. He has a throbbed pain that dies not go away and its at a level that hurts so much. Every now and then he gets a little relief but it is there with piercing sharp pains every now and then. He is seeing a specialist and had an MRI yesterday and has a follow up with his specialist on Tuesday. Thus pain is causing him stress on his body and mind. He can’t think straight and is experiencing tightness in his chest. Of course if that gets too bad he’ll go to the doctor. I okay that God can help give him some relief and give the doctor the wisdom to correct what’s wrong. I thank God for Cliff’s healing.

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