Forgiveness requires patience?

A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense. Proverbs 19:11

We really need to stop and think about just how much wisdom there is behind forgiving another of their transgression or offense. I work hard to discern the truth of FORGIVENESS not meaning CONDONING. Overlooking an offense is so hard and takes great patience and wisdom. But we ARE all capable of this… Call on God for help when needed. This will bring great glory and healing.

I have felt the pain, heartache, and tension that is released as I’ve left go of the hurt or offense of another’s transgression. This is hard, but I am getting better at doing this quicker and with more ease. It’s much like anything. The more we do it, the easier it becomes, the more clear are the effects.  Our alternative is to live in this offense. No matter how hard we try, if it lives in us- it grows with us.

Let’s call on help for great wisdom when others have offended us. Let’s overlook the offense- by calling on God for help as needed!

Glory – Glory

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