Fly Where?

73c5f1ed-29d6-4ea7-96b3-a16b158b8d50“…Oh, that I had wings like a dove! For then would I fly away and be at rest.” Psalm 55:6

This verse speaks volumes to me. It’s about action (flying away-and then finding peace and rest). We gain so much by being partnered with God, and having Christ as our savior. One of the most loyal things we can do in return is to follow God’s commands.

The dove is such a beautiful example to us all. The pure white reminds us of the cleansing we receive as we believe. There are references of the dove being an example of the Holy Spirit. And, it was the dove that went out on Noah’s command to find the olive branch and to give hope.
~This verse speaks of the dove’s wings and just what they’re capable of~
Yes…When we have the Holy Spirit in us… the renewed life from Jesus as our savior…. and the ability to use those wings to go find and give hope — WE SHALL USE THEM.

Today let’s soar like the dove. Let’s remember how the Holy Spirit desires greatly to work in us. Let’s remember the gift of a renewed spirit that we gain with Christ as our savior, and let’s remember the duty we have to go and spread the hope of God’s love and eternity with others 🙂

We shall find rest in this action, doing God’s will.
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