Father’s Day… A Bold Surrender of Strength and Love

I love the men in my life, and Father’s Day always gets me a little nostalgic.  Those of you who know my husband well can vouch for the love he has for his daughters, and for the transformation he has gone through over the years. This Father’s Day I can’t help but stop and think about the power of surrendering and submitting to such a great love.

Jeff grew up in an awesome family, hardworking and committed people, this drew me to him right away. I am sure our connection was divine because I grew up so differently. Yet, he was exactly what my girls and I needed. My family upbringing was highly compassionate and expressive, Jeff found this completely foreign and… ‘interesting’ to say the least.

Both upbringings were great, but shortly into our marriage Jeff was outnumbered with girly girls. Any chance for a comfortable guy-like home was quickly overcome with tutus and hair ties.

He loved our girls so much and the clearly understood but rarely spoken words of ‘I love you’ that he was accustomed to… became a common whisper of  “I love you too sweet baby.”

While I’m sure he longed for sports filled vacations and roughhousing, he embraced tea parties and dance recitals. He surrendered and surrendered his guarded exterior, letting in a love he otherwise would not have known.

Today, I can’t help but think about the power of a good and loving father. The power of that unconditional love… and the precious gift we ALL receive in having our Heavenly Father.

God is love.

As we let more love in- so God follows. As we let more God in so love follows. God and love are one. The relationship between father and child is so wonderful and it is easy to see, with all of the men in my life, that THEY are loved by our Magnificent Father and they too love with His same magnificent spirit.

Happy Father’s Day Dad, Larry, Jeff…. and all you magnificent men!

Niccie Kliegl

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