Encore: Mistakes Matter, What if God Was on Your Side-What if He Wasn’t?

This is YOUR spiritual life coaching show. It highlights some of my most sought-after coaching tools and tips based on my book ‘Awaking the Living Legacy’. I teach you techniques for finding and living out your God-given life purpose. In segment one of the show, I share key points from chapter 16 of MISTAKES MATTER where we consider our free will and how much of our learning and growing is based on how and if we CHOOSE to ask-seek-knock. How our past mistakes can actually move us to greater places in life. In segment 2 I bring in Jim Akers, founder of Impactful Notes, dedicated to “encouraging success one note at a time” where he helps people and organizations fulfill their potential. The third segment is where I take call-ins for live life coaching in any area that has you stuck.

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