Do You Wish You Were More Assertive?


Taking Requests Tuesday brings us to a concern of many, “How can I be more assertive?”

Today’s post request comes from a fabulous woman who reminds me of how difficult it can be to stand firmly in a position, decision, or place. This place for her is in parenting. Let’s get started.

We know how important it is to have confidence in our decisions. When we have a lack of confidence in ourself or our own skills…we are blessed to be able to call on God for help there. He will give us strength, confidence, peace, and so much more. Look at these ideas on partnering with God, and leaning on God in order to have a beautiful covenant-one that is easy to stand behind.

Lean on God… and think COVENANT

When we need to assert a position/decision/convenient/contract/affirmation, it needs to be good for both parties involved: This is huge for our scenario of parenting, but really any scenario. Who wants to support a bad decision? Kids, spouses, coworkers, and people all around actually like a good agreement, even a difficult agreement, if it is fair or right. Creating an agreement that both sides can get behind will help you stand firmly in this plan.

It needs to be detailed and exact: confusion leads to the fall of much, I have seen some of the best ideas crumble because of mass confusion. Executing a good plan is essential if you want people to follow you and stand by you and your agreement. Writing out a plan and asking for input can help with this. I get a kick out of people when they come to you for advice but say they have made up their mind and nothing you say will sway them. Hum. Then do they want advice or do they want you to simply give them a blessing? We need to ask for what we really are asking for. When I say ask for input. I mean, go to Godly folks and ask for their advice. Check with the Bible and consider how it is leading and directing you.

Cause and effect need to be discussed before anyone agrees: This may call for some reconciling which I feel is necessary before asking anyone to listen to a plan, agreement, or the covenant you hope to assert. People offer resistance when they don’t trust the outcome. We need to be sure those who agree, know what they are agreeing to.

Invite the Triune to be your mediator: HERE WE GO. If your plan isn’t one you feel God can support, you shouldn’t be asking anyone to buy into it. This really helps you wrap your brain around assurances that God will help you be strong when you need to, accepting when grace is needed, patient when time is of essences, and so on. Call on the Triune daily, hourly, or as often as you need to because He is always the best mediator. (all-knowing-powerful-present)

Welcome joy into the affirmation: It may sound silly to be pleased about rules or agreements one must stand behind, but I believe even those being held to extreme limits can gain so much from a beautiful contract, decision, or covenant…


(Just think of all the joyful-Biblical restrictions we’ve come to love.)


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