Curiosity: A Slippery Slope or a Highway to Heaven?

Curiosity killed the cat!

It’s a saying for good reason. I wonder just how many times I could have avoided some major heartache had I simply tempered my curiosity. There are a handful of Bible verses on how dangerous curiosity is. Something I notice is that the word “curiosity” in the Bible keeps searching out as “seek.” When I think of curiosity as seeking, that sounds much better.

I put a lot of effort into seeking God … and of course, we do all we can to NOT seek evil. So then the harm in curiosity is back to our will and what or why we seek. I hope we see the greatness and are wise to the dangers of curiosity.

Think of the awesome learning that our precious, fairly innocent, curious children do. The act of wanting to know more is wonderful. But misplaced desires to know more can be so dangerous. Desires of the flesh and of the world can grab ahold of us so quickly—a very slippery slope. Let’s be deliberate in our curiosity for all things good, for Christian insight that will straighten our paths, for the hope of the plans God has for us, and for the depth of true and pure love. This sort of curiosity can be our highway to heaven.


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Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN

Author of Awaking the Living Legacy


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