The S.O.A.R Method

Christ-centered course designed to guide women from places of uncertainty, insecurity, and unsteadiness to places of clarity, courage, and strength so they learn to SOAR with divine purpose, intention, and joy in all the roles they play and live their best lives. Are you ready to SOAR and live your best life as a mom, wife, and woman? Click "Learn More" or "Sign Up Today!"

Welcome to The S.O.A.R. Method Coaching Course! I am so excited you have chosen to take the first step in becoming a Soaring Sister—the mother and woman God created and needs you to be.

This 4-module, 14-lesson course, plus a bonus welcome and introduction lesson, is designed to guide you from places of uncertainty, insecurity, and unsteadiness to places of clarity, courage, and strength in all the roles you play so you learn to embrace your divine greatness, unveil your God-given potential, and step boldly in the direction of your dreams so you become a Soaring Sister transformed in body, mind, and spirit to the likeness of Christ and are empowered to inspire, influence, and impact the next generation of believers.  

Becoming a Soaring Sister not only empowers you to step off the ledge of uncertainty and fear, unfurl your wings, and soar in the beauty and joy of your divine purpose in all areas of your life but also enriches your relationships, nurtures deep, lasting connection with your children, and equips you to have powerful impact on generations to come.

Each module was developed as an extension of the content of my book, Made to Soar: Christ-Centered Truth to Encourage, Equip, & Empower Moms and focuses on truths God offers through His word, encourages self-reflection and evaluation, and assigns challenges and homework with the intention of consistently moving you toward deeper growth and clarity. Each of the thirteen lessons includes a video teaching by me and downloadable study guides and homework.

To gain the most you can from this program and move toward clarity and transformation, I highly encourage you to do the assigned homework, be committed to the process, and be transparent and vulnerable as you seek to grow and learn. I can hardly wait to see where God will lead you.

Let’s do this! 

Breathe peace, Natalie

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