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DAY 6 | REPLAY, Make It Happen May, Grow Your Instagram (SATURDAY MAY 7TH)

The number-one most-shared food on IG is pizza.” – The Fact site


1. SORRY NO REPLAY, my zoom stopped recording 5 seconds in (? wonder if I hit it by accident) However, what we did is learned how to cut video. So I have attached a great tutorial for a wonderful editing tool that does not cost money and will work on all platforms with no watermark. It’s called CapCut. Try learning with one of these easy first-time reels.

2. Your assignment was to try and make a reel like one of these.

  1. Click on the selected video FROM YOUR CELL PHONE.
  2. when it opens on Instagram click on the title/maker of the music found in the bottom left of the reel you are watching
  3. then click save audio
  4. then get out of Instagram and get your phone set up for recording a video up and down, vertically.
  5. You will now click on the above link on your computer and let the video play and play.
  6. while it plays you will then record on your cell you syncing up your sound over and over – you may record for 10 solid minutes as you practice the clip 20 times.
  7. now you are ready to drag the video into reels or Capcut

*Remember, all video need: (break content, Pain/Train/NotInVain, tag, headline)

Best of luck! If you get it ready but want to walk through these steps on our next call we can do that.


I’m so grateful you guys are keeping up. I know the morning calls are hard but if I don’t get to posting early I’m done for! Those of you who are sharing your posts with me GREAT JOB!