• 42 Lessons

    40 Day Bible Overview

    Originally a live 40-day course with Niccie and First Reformed Church's Pastor Tim Breen. CORE 40 is a 40-day course that will give you a full overview of both the Old and New Testaments.
  • 15 Lessons

    Aftershock Recovery

    It’s time to break the silence. Too many marriages succumb to this well-kept secret. Mine did. For 25 years. I believed we had a happy marriage.

    What You Can Gain From the Aftershock Recovery Method

    • Heal from the pain of betrayal
    • Resolve conflict
    • Develop healthy boundaries
    • Rethink communication patterns to develop positive communication
    • Learn sustainable patterns for a solid marriage
    • Cultivate the ability to forgive and create a new normal
    • Nurture increased closeness and trust
    • Invest in your future together

    Let’s Talk: I like to meet with potential new clients so I offer a free initial session to hear your unique story and you can get a better understanding of how I can help you. You are not committed to anything further unless you choose to meet again.

  • 12 Lessons

    Get Well, Live Well, and Thrive

    Are you looking for a S.O.L.E. Sister? What’s a S.O.L.E. Sister you ask? We are a community of women who come together to grow in our faith, in friendships and in our family. We are women who:
    • Humbly SUBMIT to and
    • Radically OBEY the Lord,
    • Passionately LOVE God and people
    • Boldly and Courageously EXERCISE our faith and go wherever He sends us.

    Do you find yourself totally broken, hurting and feeling alone right now? Life can throw pretty hard blows sometimes. No one is exempt from pain, heartache, and challenges. You may be broken and hurting but you are not alone. Broken But Not Alone is a safe place for women to find hope, experience healing, and grow in they you are in Christ.

  • 5 Lessons


    What is the Aftershock Recovery Method Jumpstart Course?

    It helps wives of porn addicts tackle the most pressing recovery issues.

    We answer questions that you are afraid to ask so you discover you aren't alone in the process.

    It's time to move from

    • isolation to community
    • invisible to seen
    • deception to freedom
    • guilty to not guilty
    • stuck to discover your options

    You are not crazy, nor do you have to live with this pain forever.

    You can heal whether your husband chooses to or not.

  • 12 Lessons

    Launch Your Legacy

    This is a private group only used by entrepreneurs who are currently in the Launch Your Legacy Mastermind. (You can purchase that in 'courses'.) This is a 12-week small group hands-on coaching 'Get your business up and running strong!' mastermind. We meet every Wednesday at 11:30 am CT. 🔆Identify Your Unique Offer 🔆Identify Your Sweet Spot Sales Story 🔆Build Your Unique Funnel 🔆Develop Your Proprietary Product 🔆Optimize Your Social Media 🔆Convert Your Website 🔆Grow Your Audience And Income 🔆Create Your Team And 10X 🔆Integrate Your Systems To 10X 🔆Reach Your Market Without Ads 🔆Fortify Your Mindset And Sales 🔆Scale Your Business To 10X
  • 25 Lessons

    Living Legacy; Life Transformation

    Do YOU Want More Out Of Life?

    If you have a desire to HEAR God and then to know how to step into that... you are a Legacy Leader, so join us!
  • 19 Lessons

    Loving Legacy; Home Transformation

    Are Your Home, Marriage, Health, Finances, Or Children Struggling?

    Begin Your Journey of TRANSFORMATION Today!

  • 4 Lessons


    Shemane Nugent and Niccie Kliegl supporting women to ReAwaken! Take an inventory and start tracking your new goals. Niccie and Shemane take today to lay some groundwork. We do the fundamental thinking and challenging to get this new life ignited.

  • 18 Lessons

    The S.O.A.R Method

    Christ-centered course designed to guide women from places of uncertainty, insecurity, and unsteadiness to places of clarity, courage, and strength so they learn to SOAR with divine purpose, intention, and joy in all the roles they play and live their best lives. Are you ready to SOAR and live your best life as a mom, wife, and woman? Click "Learn More" or "Sign Up Today!"

  • 15 Lessons

    Unhackable Force

    THE UNHACKABLE FORCE is all about Closing the Gap to Reset, Redo and Reclaim a Life of FAVOR. A 30-Day Journey To Release Your Pain, Receive Your Permission, Rediscover Your Passion, And Rock Your Purpose.  

    PART 1 (DEBRA): helping us become unhackable when hell won't back down.
    PART 2 (DAPHNE): unhacking your past as you break chains and make waves.
    PART 3 (LISA): encouraging you to embrace yourself fully for unhackble passion.
    PART 4 (NICCIE): unhacks your future so you can live/love/learn/lead fiercely.